Lymph Drainage via the Lymphstar Pro Machine

This treatment is for various types of congestion: sinus, non-cancerous breast lumps, lymphedema, constipation, irritable bowel, swollen glands, poor digestion, post surgical swelling of the joints and tissues, skin regeneration and cellulite.The Lymph Star works by generating a variable electromagnetic field whose purpose is to make the lymph (the seat of the immune system) more easily processed by the spleen, kidneys, and intestines.  This therapy is both detoxifying and regenerative.

Signs of lymph problems are:

  • sinus trouble
  • headaches
  • edema or swelling
  • poor digestion
  • female problems
  • premature aging
  • continued pain after surgery and cancer

The causes of lymph congestion are many:

  • processed foods
  • lack of exercise
  • inadequate water intake
  • tight clothing
  • trauma
  • surgery
  • abuse of food and drink
  • chronic stress
  • poor sleep
  • environmental pollution

The only contraindicated condition is Congestive heart failure.  Please plan to rest after this treatment, drink lots of water, and do not drink alcohol that day.
Cost : $50.00 per 25 minute session.
Recommended sessions:  2 to 6 as per condition
Discount: buy 6 treatments at once for $250.00