About Dr. Nowakowski

Dr. Antoinette NowakowskiEarly Inspiration

I had an extremely positive chiropractic experience when I was young. I had been very sickly in my youth and there was little expectation that my health would improve. By age 20, I had migraines, gall bladder and digestive issues, female problems, auto immune problems, spinal deformity and was living on the disabled floor of my college dorm due to what I was told was degenerative arthritis of both hips that would require total hip replacement soon. At that time, I wanted to study traditional medicine. I was on seven meds and continued to deteriorate.

A friend brought me to the chiropractor at age 24. My friend said the chiropractor could help me. I was already rather skeptical as I had been frequently told I probably wouldn’t live long. I was also an Investigator for the Food and Drug Administration, hardly the bastion of natural heath promotion!

My chiropractic experience was transformative! First, it had been many years since anyone gave me a glimmer of hope of living a normal life in terms of activities and lifespan. Second, Dr. Feldman made me change my living habits. That was a big shock. I came to understand that a great deal of my health issues were related to how I treated my body.  Dr. Feldman adjusted my spine, made me join a gym and changed how I thought about food, drink, nutritional supplements,  and exercise.

Best of all, I learned that the purpose of chiropractic care is to alleviate physical, chemical and emotional stress and lead people to a better quality of life.  I realized that I had been given an incredible gift through chiropractic care and decided to dedicate my life to helping others as I had been helped.


It has been my inspiration and challenge to integrate multiple and sometimes conflicting systems of healing into a viable methodology. Good health and healing are my utmost priorities. I work diligently to apply the knowledge acquired over a lifetime of practice and study for my patients’ welfare. This is my life’s work and passion. I look forward to serving you and your loved ones on your journey and adventures to improved health!

Why Choose This Doctor?

Aside from a huge post doctoral education, I am a perpetual student of health and healing. My life and health were literally transformed through chiropractic care.  What I bring to the table is 34 + years of clinical experience in integrating multiple systems of healing treatments and analysis. I am inspired to help others as I had been helped. I have spent a  lifetime acquiring the skills and techniques  as to strive to help more people with more difficult health issues from the chronically unwell to the mildly dented. Each successive year, I learn  to work more effectively and efficiently to get patients well faster.

What all that translates to is a very comprehensive skill set. I work with the entire skeleton, not the spine alone. I work with the muscles to normalize muscle function, so the joints  and organs can function efficiently. Internal organ assessments and adjustments can help with digestion, elimination, kidney problems, and female problems. Nutritional supplements support all of the above and immune issues. In chronic digestive and immune conditions, there are blood tests for food allergy. NET helps patients release emotions that are impeding their overall health.

The work of tying all of these methods together has become my passion and my life’s work. I look forward to working with you and your loved ones on your journey  to health.


  • Graduated New York University B.A. in Biology 1976
  • Investigator for U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic Cum Laude 1984
  • Board Certified in Chiropractic Orthopedics through Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists  1993
  • Certification in Applied Kinesiology 100 hrs. 1995 through International College of Applied Kinesiologists
  • Certification in Internal Health and Wellness through Logan College of Chiropractic and the Loomis Institute in 2008
  • 60+ hours in Lymphatic drainage technique via Arcturus Star
  • 50+ hours in Neuro Emotional Technique